We can't afford to wait

Demand investment in health, housing & education

Demand a real recovery

The government have dismembered our health and education services, and taken an axe to our living standards. Now they offer us a sticking plaster to cover the wounds and expect our gratitude. Rent & insurance inflation will wipe out the few euro a week 'bribes' in the recent budget. The real ‘giveaway’ by Labour & Fine Gael was the halving of corporation tax for some of the biggest companies.

The 'stability' the government trumpet is built on lower wages, insecure work, and continued emigration. It is a return to the stagnation and standard of living of the 1980's. We deserve to live, not just exist.

Recovery robbed by the rich

This 'recovery' is a bonanza for Denis O'Brien and his ilk, who have increased their wealth by €34 billion at our expense since 2010. The bondholders continue to get paid €7 billion a year for debts that were never ours, while profits of big business are higher than ever.

These pathetic budget bribes signal the start of the General Election campaign. Labour in particular are desperately trying to save their seats, having broken all their 2011 promises to stop austerity. We won't be fooled this time.

Check out the AAA's Budget 2016 Document to read our alternative.

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