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cian_megaphone-1Unlike the super-rich 1%, the desires of the 99% are modest. We need a reliable job with a living wage and an affordable roof over our heads. When young, we need a properly-funded education system and, when sick, a decent health service.

The establishment parties say we 'cannot afford' such a society; we must keep 'tightening our belts', so as not to threaten their 'recovery'. In fact, the entire 'deficit' only exists because every year the government hand €8 billion to the bankers in interest-only payments on odious debts. Having paid for the bankers’ crisis, we are now paying for their recovery too. This is the injustice we can expect so long as capitalist policies dominate.

Imagine if instead this €8bn was invested in building the social and affordable houses, and employing the nurses and teachers we so desperately need. Think what could be done if the wealth of the 1% was under democratic public control; used for the needs of the millions, not the greed of the millionaires.

But the establishment parties don't care about ordinary people. Just look at the continued existence of direct provision and the 8th amendment. On three occasions since the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar FG/Labour voted against repealing the blanket ban on abortion, despite countless opinion polls demanding a referendum.

The resounding YES to Marriage Equality shows working class people want a progressive, secular society. It is the political establishment who are standing in the way. The huge anti-water charges boycott shows how an organised, people power movement can take them on.

That is what the Cian stands for: bringing together workers, young people and the unemployed to fight for real change.

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  • eugene heavey
    pledged support 2017-10-08 11:53:53 +0100
    Hi Cian,
    You seem like the ideal candidate to expose the blatant injustices and deprivation that I have experienced over the past twenty years at the hands of the State.It still persists and I am going to be subjected to the same treatment again by being arrested and charged for non-compliance to submit a DNA sample to a member of An Gardai. This is a case that I warrants total exposure in the public domain and demonstrate the dreadful violations of basic human rights by the Irish oligarchic minority and continued failure to implement universal statutes that would allow the citizen more autonomy and uninhibited civil liberties.Hopefully,we can meet and discuss it further.Really what I want to achieve is the bring the entire legal system and all the' fat cats' down with the temple.
  • Alan Donnelly
    pledged support 2016-02-25 21:05:16 +0000
  • Anthony Quinn
    pledged support 2016-02-10 20:57:37 +0000
  • Aine O'Connor
    pledged support via 2015-11-07 22:06:33 +0000
  • Adam Dudley
    pledged support 2015-10-26 14:28:15 +0000
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